Stem Cell Therapy

Also known as Regenerative medicine, is a relatively new branch of medicinal practice that harnesses the body’s natural healing properties and expands its healing capabilities to repair damaged tissues and organs. These damages span from diseases, trauma, congenital issues, and physiological issues, but are repairable with the right treatment with Stem Cell Therapy. The tools used to repair these damaged cells are realized through tissue engineering, cellular therapies, and artificial organ devices. The combination of all three of these tools allows Stem Cell Therapy to be an effective solution in repairing our damaged tissues, as it will supplement and boost our natural healing body to heal the damaged organ.

This branch of medical practice was kickstarted by the thought of harnessing our natural body’s properties of healing, as our bodies have built-in responses that are effective in handling diseases, open wounds, and damaged organs. Considering the limited supplies of donor organs, Stem Cell Therapy is placed as the next phase of organ transplantation where we can repair the organs to cure previously incurable injuries and diseases and reduce the need for transplanting a new organ.

The application of stem cells has allowed treatments for medical conditions ranging from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease, autoimmune diseases like eczema, and cardiovascular diseases like strokes, and high blood pressure. Besides the successful treatments with the stem cell for our patients, there are additional benefits of repairing degenerative changes with improved knee joints, old injuries & fractures, hair loss, and declination of stamina from aging.

If you are interested in Stem Cell Therapy, consult with us to find out if it’s the right solution for your treatment.